Repairing and Painting the Delmont House

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The gold house is now white because of the primer

From the back, notice the tree bushes are gone from the garden too.

Storm Coming

Inside the house

New chandelier. Dining room, looks gorgeous!

New Bedroom fan

New Livingroom fan

New Livingroom fan


the old stair balisters

These ballisters and nuells were enclosed in plywood, the top decorations of the nuells were sliced off :(


Full view of balisters

Front view of balisters

The original color of the stairs appear to be stained and varnished the same color as the door trim


Closeup view of ballisters

Then it looks like they got painted black, the center rings were probably gold paint

They tried to strip the finish

The previous owners went to a lot of trouble trying to strip the black paint off,
but must of decided it was too much trouble.


View of old painted finish

Rich picked up the top balls for the nuells yesterday at an antique store.

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