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Niobrara, Nebraska
Niobrara State Park Campground

The last time that we took a trip to the Ohiya Casino for lunch, we took the time to travel through the town of Niobrara, and went to check out the Niobrara State Park. Niobrara's population is 406.

Welcome to Niobrara

I kept waiting to get a good picture of the downtown area, but it didn't happen. You have to turn off of the state highway to see the business district.

Business District that way!

We kept heading west till we started seeing signs for the campground. Once we pulled in, some park rangers wanted to know if we had a park license, which of course we didn't. We asked if we could take a drive through, and they said no. We asked if they had a beach, and they said they have a swimming pool.

We got a couple of pictures of the state park anyway as we were leaving.

Pictures of the Campground

-the first sign we see telling us the state park is in 1 mile... state park highway sign
-the Niobrara River bridge... Niobrara River bridge... view from bridge of Niobrara River
-then we drove over the Mormon Canal Bridge... view of Mormon Canal
-after passing the canal, we came to a Nebraska Historical Marker about the Ponca Tribe
-State Park entrance... State Park entrance... a closer view
-at the entrance was a sign that said Horseback Ride Campground Dump Station
-a huge picture of the park rules and events... park rules and events
-a view leaving the campground...view leaving the campground... camping spots... camping area
-view of campground from the highway.... RV campground
-on the way back to Niobrara, there was a banner that said, "Welcome to Niobrara Recreation Destination, Lewis and Clark Sept 4 1804 Encampment... see this banner

Pictures of Town of Niobrara

-upon entering Niobrara, we saw the Hilltop Lodge Motel... Hilltop Lodge Motel... another view
-here's the museum of Niobrara... Niobrara museum... information board in front
-the Sportsman's Bar and Trustworthy Hardware... Sportsman's Bar... another view
-the Farmer's Market... Farmer's Market... Oles Cafe is next door
-Two River's Saloon, Hotel and Steakhouse... Two Rivers Saloon
-the Niobrara Trading Post Gas Station... Trading Post... a sign that says Tourist Info is at the Trading Post
-WFLA ZCBJ Lodge No. 53 is next to the saloon.... WFLA ZCBJ Lodge No. 53... another view
-a highway sign saying we are on the Lewis Clark Trail... Lewis Clark Trail sign

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