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Esmond, ND Pictures
Buffalo Lake Campground

We finally reached our goal of driving to Esmond. We stayed nearby at the Buffalo Lake Campground for one night. Do not go there without some bug spray!

Here's the Welcome to Esmond sign. Their town slogan is, "The Evergreen City." We stopped at the cafe for the best buttermilk pancakes we've ever tasted.

Downtown Esmond, ND

Esmond also has a campground with 3 spots for RV hookups, but usually these spots are taken up by "Combiners." One thing I noticed is that Esmond doesn't have a street called, Main Street and the building are rather scattered, so you can't really take a "downtown" view.

Esmond's campsites

So if you want to, you can camp east of Esmond at the Buffalo Lake Recreation area, see some more pictures below.

More Pictures of Esmond and Area

Town of Esmond
-On the way into Esmond we saw a sign for the Randy Marthe Memorial Park
-driving around we saw the Esmond Hardware and the fire department
-the Esmond Cafe and Gal's Food Center ... another view... the bench in front says, "Panhandlers Homemakers"
-on the side of Gal's is a mural of the old town of Esmond... more to the left... another view... view towards road
-the Esmond water tower
-Rich and Elle check out the town bulletin board
-inside the Esmond Cafe
-around the corner is the Esmond Post Office and the VFW... a sculpture sits between the 2 buildings
-the Esmond Locker meat processing plant
-across the street is the Esmond Memorial Square
-a downtown small tavern
-the Randy Marthe Memorial Park is just beautiful and well maintained... pictures of the double swing
-a smiley face painted on a stump
-the old Baptist Church... front view... a view inside... side view ... fallen pine tree... what to do?
-a hunter's cottage across the street from the old church
Have you ever seen a house painted like a cow? This house is probably one the most interesting thing we saw in Esmond, they call it the " Cow House." You just can't drive around this cute little town looking for it though. It is pretty well hidden, you'll have to ask someone where the Cow House is..or look for Evergreen St SW and 3rd St

When we were walking around town and went into the city park. They have a double swing there, that would cool to build. Below are the pictures I took to remind us to build it.
-double swing full view... front view... front 2
-top crossbar... view 1 top... view 2 top... view 3 top
-back view... back 2...
-bottom view... bottom 2... bottom 3...

The Esmond Campground
-a view of the camping area
-camping fees and phone number sign

Buffalo Lake Campground and Recreation Area
-a picture of Buffalo Lake from the beach area... closer view of the dock
-a picture of Buffalo Lake Beach... we parked the RV by the beach
-a view toward the Buffalo Lake playground and snack bar... behind the snack bar... closer view of snackbar
-the campground shower and restrooms area
-picnic area and a shelter... an old red water pump
-a sign that says, "Buffalo Lake Sportsman's Club"
-a view of Buffalo Lake from the highway... another view
-we saw a deer run through here... berries on a tree
-the road to the campground...passed the RV campground

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