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Rugby, North Dakota Pictures
Geographical Center of North America

If you're traveling through North Dakota, make a quick side trip to visit the Geographical Center of North America, located in Rugby North Dakota.

Welcome to Rugby sign

While we were visiting Esmond, ND, we hopped on our motorcycles to get some great views of North Dakota, and headed for Rugby.

Geographical Center Monument

We didn't spend much time here, but on this page are some pictures I took while in Rugby, and be sure to watch the quick video I made while we were here.

More Pictures of Rugby, ND

-I like taking pictures of the contrast in farmfields... gold and green farmfields
-daisies are planted all along the highway... daisies and sunflower fields
-scenic farmfields all the way to Rugby... scenic farmfields with one tree
-we took highway 19 to Rugby, also notice the daisies on the side of the road... hwy 3 and hwy 19 sign
-Rugby in 24 miles sign... rolled hay bales and sunflower field
-with as many sunflower fields that we saw, you would think it is one of North Dakotas major crops... more sunflower fields
-brown and green farmfields, probably hay and soybeans
-we passed a sign for the Balta Dam Recreation Area... Balta 2 miles.. Silva 4 miles sign
-the first geographical center of North America sign
-a sign for the Pioneer Village and Museum

The Geographical Center Monument

-the town sign as we are entering Rugby
-first view of the monument... located at the Cornerstone Cafe...
-on the other side of the highway... a Hub gas station, restaurant, and Hub motel... street view
-the Visitor Center is also located there at Hubs
-the Rugby water tower is in the distance
-we pulled into the Cenex gas station to fill up the motorcycles, and next to the Cenex was Oakwood Inn Camping
-a household auction sign at the Sinclair Gas Station
-we rode across the street to the monument... full view...
-a picture of the Cornerstone Cafe from the monument... Phone: (701) 776 - 6528
-other things in the parking lot... like a wagon wheel
-I saw a sign for Toe Jam, and went inside the cafe to see what it was, but they were sold out. She said Toe Jam was made out of a combination of berries. Raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, and usually peaches, apricots and plums if they have them.
-full view of monument from the cafe door
-the Cornerstone Cafe is a Wireless Internet Cafe... they need help!... a help wanted sign
-Vlad and Carol at the Geographical Center of North America!

Watch our Rugby Video

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