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Wellsburg, North Dakota
Pictures and Information

While we were in Esmond, ND, I did some metal detecting at the old church and found a trade token. We decided to find out where this town of Wellsburg was located.

Wellsburg ND sign

There isn't much left of the town of Wellsburg, but you can tell that it must have been booming town at one time, they even had a token made!

What's left of downtown?

More Pictures of Wellsburg, ND

-the main attraction in Wellsburg is the grainery by the railroad tracks
-there isn't much to downtown at all... just a building closed up... another view
-here's a dirt road near town.
-while we were at the grainery, a train came through called the Wisconsin Central
-there was graffiti on the train cars

So, what happened to downtown Wellsburg? Why did it disappear? I didn't find out any information about the Merc. Company token.

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Photography © Vlad and Carol in Tripp, SD
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