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Fargo, North Dakota
Amtrak Empire Builder 7

We had to take a trip to Seattle during the winter on business, and decided to take the Amtrak train from Fargo, ND to Seattle. We knew it would be a great experience for us, and would give us an opportunity to take some great winter pictures, particularly through Montana and North Idaho.

The train leaves Fargo early in the morning, and I mean REAL early, around 3:30am. So we had a lot of time to drive there (5 hr trip for us) and plenty of "waiting" time.

Driving to Fargo was not an easy task in the winter. The further north we went, the more snow and ice was on the highway. I thought it rather scary.

Finding the Amtrak Station at night was not easy either, even though we had the address punched into the GPS. It took us to the old train station, which is now a bicycle shop. So, I had to walk in there and ask where the Amtrak station was, which it turned out to be on the other side of the bicycle shop.

Once we arrived, about 6:00 PM, we strolled down Broadway looking for a nice place to get a cup of coffee, and we even went to the theater to watch a movie. Fargo is a huge city now, not like it was years ago.

The total train time is at least 32 hours. We decided not to get a room, and just go "coach" style. Roundtrip it cost about $365 for each of us.

Instead of taking a bunch of pictures at night, we opted to make a video of the train trip. Here it is:

Amtrak Train Trip - Feb 2013 from Fargo ND to Seattle WA roundtrip.

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