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Kathryn, ND Pictures
Sheyenne Scenic Byway Information

If you plan on traveling Eastern North Dakota, you may be interested in taking the Sheyenne Scenic Byway. We found the Scenic Byway as we were heading east from Jamestown ND. But a lot of the byway is gravel roads, so it may be not so good for motorcycle travel.

This tiny town named Kathryn, is in the center of the Sheyeene Byway. The town was established in 1900. During June they hold "Kathryn Days."

Welcome to Kathryn

Main Street Kathryn has a few early 1900's buildings, and several businesses, a post office and fire department, the Sheyenne Saloon, called the Hitchin' Post, and a great little cafe called the Rusty Spur, where we stopped for lunch. There seems to be a lot Norwegians living in this town. Our waitress was Norwegian and she said the specialty was a dessert called, Lefse." See Fried Dough Recipes

Main Street

Across the street from the cafe is an information board with the history of Kathryn on one side, and on the other side, "How grain elevators work." In the center of the information board is a map that shows you where Kathryn is located on the Sheyenne Scenic Byway.

More Pictures of Kathryn, ND

-Attractions in Kathryn... attractions in Kathryn sign
-One of the buildings has a balcony using wagon wheels... wagon wheel balcony
-I looked into the windows of the old buildings but there wasn't anything to see... the old harness shop
-I liked the horseshoe coat rack inside of the Rusty Spur Cafe... horseshoe coat rack
-I also saw in the ladies room a western cowboy wreath on the wall... western cowboy wreath
-Old pictures... compare pictures of 1900 downtown Main Street with the current Main Street
-the old Kathryn Hotel built in 1903... old Kathryn Hotel

Continue traveling south on the Sheyenne Scenic Byway to Fort Ransom, ND

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