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Spearfish Canyon, SD Pictures
A Tourist Hotspot

We drove to the Black Hills in September 2012 to celebrate our anniversary. We stayed in Keystone SD, and then Custer Mountain Campground for four days. Then we thought we should drive north to check out Spearfish Canyon, since we heard so much about it, and we're glad we did.

We arrived just as the Fall colors were peaking. We had no idea there was such a beautiful location in South Dakota, plus there are several awesome waterfalls. It must be one of South Dakota's best kept secrets!

Some Pictures of Spearfish Canyon

Honestly, when we arrived in the canyon, I just couldn't stop taking pictures. I really have too many, but here are a few of the most interesting.

-Bridal Veil Falls was pretty much at a trickle.... Bridal Veil Falls

-With no further ado, here's a picture of Spearfish Falls...Spearfish Falls view...

-There was a train that went over Spearfish Falls that washed out in the flood of 1933. Train over Spearfish Falls sign

Watch our Spearfish Canyon Experience

Experience Spearfish Canyon. Here's a short movie we made.

Roughlock Falls

Roughneck Falls is right across from the Spearfish Falls. There is also a restaurant and hotel there

City of Spearfish SD

Here's some pictures I took of the town of Spearfish. Not many, because we spent most of our time in the canyon exploring.

-Here's a view north of Spearfish Main Street... Spearfish Main Street view... Here's another Main Street view.

Hotels and Motels in Spearfish, SD

When we went to Spearfish, we stayed at a Rodeway Inn and Suites, but there was a lodge and a restaurant in the center of the Spearfish Canyon Drive.

-The restaurant in the canyon is called the Latchstring Restaurant. They have good coffee. Latchstring Restaurant sign... View of Latchstring Restaurant
-The Lodge is called the Spearfish Canyon Lodge... Spearfish Canyon Lodge

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