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Pictures and Information

When you travel to the Black Hills, do not wait till the last day to visit Keystone, which is what we did. It is a great little town to spend some time just walking around and browsing all the cute little shops.

Town of Keystone

Keystone is a gold mining town, and is located southeast of Mount Rushmore, about 2 miles, nestled amongst some Ponderosa Pines.

Keystone, early morning

You can also take a train from Hill City to Keystone. We made a short movie on our last trip and included the train. We also stayed at the President's View hotel, which sits on top of the hill overlooking Keystone. Watch our video - Fun in the Black Hills

More Pictures of Keystone SD

-a view entering this small town... entering Keystone
-a tunnel north of Keystone... Keystone tunnel... a closer view
-the Powder House Lodge Motel and Restaurant, north of Keystone... Powder House Lodge
-Best Western Hotel, Four Presidents, located north of Keystone... Best Western North

Attractions in Keystone

-Rushmore Cave, see brochure outside, and brochure inside
-Black Hills 1880 Railroad... see location of train station See brochure front, and brochure back
-Black Hills Glass Blowers
-Cosmos Mystery Area see hwy advertisement
-Holy Smoke Trail Rides
-President's Slide at the Rushmore Tramway
-The Rushmore Borglum Museum See brochure

Keystone Old Town Pictures

We went back to keystone over the July 4th 2011 holidays, and visited Old Town. We stayed at the Battle Creek Lodge, and took the Walking Tour through Old Town. Here's some of the pictures I took.
-Gas Grocery Store... gas grocery store... gas-grocery store from front
-Big Thunder Gold Mine.... Big Thunder Gold Mine Sign.... See brochure front, and brochure back
-Halley's 1880 Store... view of outside... view inside... another view inside Halley's store... Halley's bar area
-A rock and mineral shop has a unique fence in front... unique welded tool fence... here's a closer view... pretty cool!

Places to Stay

Keystone, South Dakota - Keystone motels and hotels
-Battle Creek Lodge... Battle Creek Lodge pic
-Brookside Motel... Brookside motel picture
- Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Suites Keystone, Sd 321 Swanzey St
-Econo Lodge Mt. Rushmore Memorial 908 Madill St, SR 40 E.
-Best Western Four Presidents Lodge Highway 16A
-First Lady Inn 702 Highway 16A
-Super 8 Motel - Keystone / Mt Rushmore 250 Winter Street
- Travelodge and RV Keystone 522 S Hwy 16A
-Buffalo Rock Lodge
- Rushmore Express and Family Suites
-Rushmore View Inn

Recommended Places to Eat

Barlee's Restaurant... Barlee's Food and Drink Restaurant
Railhead Family Restaurant... Railhead Family Restaurant

Watch the Keystone Drive Thru Video

Turn your volume down because it was windy.

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