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Visit Dante, SD
Pictures and Information

Dante is a small town that we see a sign for on the way to Wagner SD. One day we decided to take a ride through Dante on our motorcycle to check out.

Downtown Dante view

We took our friends Rich and Elle with us. We were pretty surprised. There wasn't much to downtown Dante at all.

Main Street looking north

But all the homes in Dante are really nice, and they have a beautiful church.

More Pictures of Dante

-on the way into Dante we saw a brown and white bull
-then a sports field... here's another view
-we turned the corner, passed some farm implements in a rock garden, went by a playground, and turned on Main Street and Warren Avenue
-and headed into downtown Dante, then we turned off Main Street and saw a Dante fire truck
-we passed a nice church, and headed back to Main Street
-on Main Street there is an old Corner Store that was boarded up
-South Main Street is where the grainery is at
-they were building a structure in downtown Dante
-Mikes Place, a bar and grill
-the Dante grainery
-leaving Dante we saw some rolled hay bales

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Photography © Vlad and Carol in Tripp, SD
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