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Pease Creek Campground Pictures
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All last year we camped at Platte Creek Campground. This year, we decided to check out other campgrounds south of Platte Creek. The day we went to find Pease Creek campground it was raining. I was lucky to get any pictures at all, and we were surprised at how nice the Pease State Recreation area was.

Entrance to Pease Creek Campground

The campground is small and rather secluded. Lots of pine trees, hiking trails, and a horse camping area. Pretty cool place!

Horse campsite area

The picture above is of the horse camping area. The main campground area is a circle of campsites, and in the center is a playground for the kiddies. There is a marina and also several private shelters for family reunions and stuff. There are also restrooms and showers. All the campsites are well kept and have electricity.

Horse camp sign with fees

The Pease Creek campground is located 6 miles south of Geddes on highway 1808 and west 50. Pease Creek and "the other" creek there are pretty flooded right now, as is most of the Missouri River, because of heavy rains last week.

After our drive through the Pease Creek Campground, we traveled north toward the town of Geddes, heading to check out the North Wheeler Campground.

Pictures of Pease Creek Campground

- a sign on the highway pointing the location of Pease Creek... location sign .... corner where you turn
- RV's were parked in a camping area before the Pease Creek entrance... RV camping
- entrance to the Pease Creek Campground... Pease Creek entrance signs
- the Pease Creek entrance fee sign.... entrance fee sign
- a tree by a shelter... tree... one of the shelters
- the showers and restroom buildings... showers and restrooms.... another picture of the showers building
- a quick picture of the playground... playground
- a Pease Creek campsite... campsite.... ....
- the horse camping area sign and rules... horse camping area sign
- the horse camping area... horse camping pen... horse camping site... view of horse camping area
- an odd shaped tree at the entrance of the horse camp... odd shaped tree

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