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North Wheeler campground
Pictures and Information

The road to the North Wheeler campground is several miles of dirt road, but is very scenic with rolling hills and a great view of the Missouri river.

Once we arrived at the main gate I took some pictures. We also noticed that the first campground at North Wheeler, was completely flooded.

North Wheeler Recreation Area

The second campsite area was further down, and there was about 15 sites or so, and all we saw was one outhouse and no showers.

The third campsite area look nice, and ready for campers.

North Wheeler Campground

We drove around a curve and wound up at a marina. Here's a picture of the dock and signs located there. There was also another outhouse. So this must be a "first come, first serve" kind of campground. The camping fee is $12.00 dollars and you just place it in a drop box.

Entrance fee sign and dropbox

Bottom line, the hubby liked the looks of the campground, but it was pretty flooded and muddy, so we decided to go back to the Platte Creek Campground and camp.

Pictures of North Wheeler Campground

- directions sign to North Wheeler... directions sign to N. Wheeler
- view on the way to North Wheeler... scenic view
- a buck in the deer reserve... buck watching us drive by... closeup of buck
- before the entrance there was an RV campground... RV campsites... entrance with RV's on the right
- Visitor License Required sign... visitor license required
- Picnic table near high water... picnic table... baby bunny ear the picnic table
- Day recreation area... recreation area in the drive thru... stormy weather
- Vlad walks down to see how flooded it is... Missouri River view... another view
- SD parks welcome sign... Welcome to SD Parks sign
- signs at the entrance gate... entrance gate signs... read larger entrance fee signs
- a drive around the loop... scenic drive through
- a campsite/RV area... campsite area
- picnic area and picnic tables near the water... picnic area
- dock view and partial parking lot... dock view
- some signs at the marina that restricted access... no access signs... read the signs
- the dock at the marina was flooded... flooded dock
- fishing rules signs at the marina... fishing rules signs... see larger pic of signs

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