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Kaylor South Dakota
Pictures and Information

Kaylor South Dakota is a little town not far from Tripp SD. Kaylor is about 4 miles south of Tripp, and then 6 miles east from Hwy 37. The town is so small we almost drove right past it. Below is a sign announcing that you are entering Kaylor .

Sign entering Kaylor, SD

According to our neighbors, they have great food at a restaurant there. Every Wednesday night is a chicken buffet, but they said to not arrive later than 6 pm, but we could only see a few businesses on the Main Street of Kaylor. The population here has got to be under 100.

Downtown Kaylor Main Street

More Kaylor Pictures

-view of the grainery.... a closer view in town
-they burned all the weeds by the railroad tracks
- haywheels behind a truck
-to get onto Main Street we turned by the Kaylor Community Center
-the Kaylor Post Office 57354
-on the west side of Main Street... the Farmer's State Bank
- Haase's Bar and Grill
-the Kaylor Locker is for meat processing
-a decorative yard on 3rd Street and Main... another view
-an old church... the sign was in German
-we turned around at a large building on the north end of Kaylor
-here's another picture of the old church
-this large old house may have be one of the original homes in Kaylor
-looking south on Main Street
- Tony's Place
-leaving the downtown area I saw a flooded farmfield and a windmill in a field
-we took a road east of Kaylor to see if we could find the town of Scotland, SD
-like all of the small towns in southern South Dakota, Kaylor is surrounded by farmfields.

Watch our video of the drive through town. We went to the Kaylor Locker.

Kaylor Events

-Easter Egg hunt at the Kaylor Community Center
-New Year's Eve Party 9:00pm to 1am at Bart's Lounge... Featuring Party Time Sound System Party hats and favors provided.
-Kaylor Community Center Breakfasts
-Santa Claus comes Kaylor Main Street sponsored by Kaylor businessmen
-The Kaylor Centennial event. Kaylor Historical Main Event presented following the parade. Stroll down Kaylor Main Street Memory Lane. Lunch available, petting zoo, 4H games and activities, drawings Friday and Saturday, souveniers and Kaylor History Books for sale. Camping spots available, no hookups.

Kaylor Businesses

-Bart's Lounge... 583-2837
-Kaylor Grain Company, Inc.... 583-4228 or 1-800-583-4228
-Kaylor Locker... 583-4472
-New York Life Insurance... 583-2775

Other Nearby Towns

Tripp SD... 10 miles northwest
Olivet So Dakota... 10 miles to the northeast
Scotland SD... another small town near Kaylor
See a map of where Kaylor is located... Southern So Dakota map

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