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Armour SD Pictures

Here's some pictures we took of the small town of Armour on our way to Custer SD and the Black Hills. Armour has a population of 782. This is the small town where our friend's mother moved to. She is 87 yrs old and moved into some Senior Housing called the Town Fair Apartments.

Armour slogan Pride Runs Deep

Armour's town slogan is "Pride Runs Deep," but here is another slogan on the side of one of the downtown buildings that says, "One Mile Long, 100 Yrs Strong".

Main Strret downtown view

Armour also has a small hospital there and clinic. The nurses are very nice and you can be sure you get lots of personal attention because the hospital only has 6 rooms.

The Armour Campground

Also near the hospital is the Armour campground. We drove through the campground it to see what it looks like. Once we turned, we drove past it the first time because there wasn't a sign announcing to turn. (The road we were on deadended at a cemetery and we had to turn around.) The entrance to the campground was not hard to find though, it was the only other road there was, and it is marked by 2 stone pillars.

No one was camping there, and we didn't see anywhere to stop and pay a fee. We saw a few camping spots, restrooms, and there is a Recreational Trail around Lake Alcazar. We left using the South Entrance which is also marked by 2 stone pillars. So basically the campground is located behind Lions Park.

Lorain Theatre

Armour has an indoor movie theater called the Lorain Theater located on Main Street. Phone 724-2100.
Showtime 7:30 Each Evening, and 3 pm on Sunday Afternoons.
Cost of Admission is $4.00 for adults and $2.00 for students 17 and under.
Now Showing Mar 28, 29, 30- "10,000 BC"
Coming Next: "Horton Hears a Who"

Armour SD Businesses

-D & D Bowl and Lounge 724-2905
-Krull's Market is the only grocery store I could find in Armour... Krull's Market
-the Armour motel has 2 rooms and is located practically next to the hospital... Armour Motel
-we stopped for gas at the AMPride gas station... gas station
-The "Armour Chronicle" newspaper PO Box 129 Armour SD 57313 phone 605-724-2747 fax 605-724-2947

Popular Restaurants

-Hoi Polloi Cafe 724-3200 Happy Hour 5-7 Tues - Sat; Noon Specials $4.95
-Blue Moon 724-2888 reservations requested because of limited space, great lunch specials Friday and Saturday steak specials

More Pictures of Armour, SD

-view entering the town of Armour... entering the town
-the Armour Courthouse has the Veteran's Memorial in front of it... Armour courthouse
-Welcome to Armour, Home of the Packers... Welcome to Armour
-the Armour water tower... Armour water tower.. see another picture
-driving through Armour... driving through Armour
-a larger picture of the courthouse and veteran's memorial... larger picture
-Armour Fire and Ambulance Department... Armour Fire and Ambulance Department... another view
-Lions Park and playground... Lions Park and playground... pavilion
-2 rooms available... Armour motel
-three crosses on a hill north of Armour... Three crosses on a hill

Winter Pictures Early DEC 2007

-A winter view of the Armour Post Office... Post Office... side view... from across the street
-Main Street looking south... Main Street South
-Across the street from the post office there is a side of a building with caricatures painted on it. (I don't know who they are)... another view... see a close-up
-Next to the Post Office is Rocket Printing... Rocket Printing

Houses For Sale in Armour

See Armour Listings... Juffer Real Estate Listings.. Mitchell Realty Listings... Maxwell Real Estate

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