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Crazy Horse Monument
When Will It Be Done?

If you plan on traveling to see Mount Rushmore, you just might want to stop and see the Crazy Horse Monument they are blasting out of a mountain north of Custer SD. It is located on Hwy 16-385 between Hill City and Custer SD. Their telephone number is 605-673-4681.

Crazy Horse Mountain sign

Crazy Horse has a huge welcome center, native artists in the Cultural Center, the sculptor's log home studio and laser light shows nightly at dark all summer long. We watched the light show from on top of Custer Mountain with some binoculars.

Crazy Horse Mountain

Crazy Horse Mountain Pictures - Hwy 16 North

-Crazy Horse in morning fog .... monument in morning fog... distant view... best view... closeup view
-Approaching the entrance to the monument... full view... the Crazy Horse entrance
-Sylvan Lake Exit South 87, Needles Highway... Exit Sylvan Lake
-Helicopter scenic rides are $35.00 an hour, located south of Crazy Horse Mountain... helicopter rides... helicopter tours sign

Read a newspaper article about the Crazy Horse Memorial also see the Sitting Bull Memorial at Mobridge SD

In September 2012, we made a short video called Fun in the Black Hills, and included some footage of the Crazy Horse Monument. View it here:

Heritage Village and Campground

On our way back from seeing Mount Rushmore, we stopped and ate a breakfast buffet at Heritage Village which is the southern entrance of Crazy Horse. They have a Breakfast Buffet on weekends and it cost $15.00 for both of us. They also hve a free Old West Kids Town, free Rodeo clown and bullfighters museum, a Western Music Show nightly except Monday and Wednesday, scenic trails for bicyling, hiking, or horseback riding.
Heritage Village: Closest campground to Crazy Horse Memorial- 5th night free, full RV hookups, phone 605-673-4761 Located Hwy 16-385; 3 miles to Custer SD , 17 miles to Mt. Rushmore.

Heritage Village is pretty nice inside, and has a huge gift shop. The lady at the counter told us about the Crazy Horse Memorial being built. She said it will not be finished in her lifetime. She also told us that the US government offer to help finish it, but they refused.

We also asked her about gold panning and tours, here's the gold mine list she showed us.

-Heritage Village entrance... entrance... front of building... restaurant sign
-Horseback riding... horseback riding... a billboard nearby
-Heritage Village Campground, located south of the Crazy Horse Monument... Heritage Village Campground
-Approaching Heritage Village heading south... heading south... campground entrance... Campground entrance

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