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Traveling Through Wind Cave National Park
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Heading north out of Hot Springs on Hwy 385, I noticed the ground was a reddish color like in Georgia. We pulled over to check the map and noticed prairie dogs everywhere, even in the middle of the road, and their burrows. Then we saw the information board and they called this place Prairie Dog Town.

Wind Cave National Park

We took Hwy 87 north to Custer State Park because it looked like a scenic drive, and it was. We went across a cool bridge, and then a log bridge, and then to our amazement there was a buffalo walking along the side of the road. We did not get out of the car! See another picture of the buffalo.

Scenic Bridge

Following this winding road north, there were also information boards along this route, one for the American Elk, one for some pink granite, one that said East meets West, and one for the Wind Cave National Park. We had to slow down for prairie dogs crossing the road, and saw a mamma turkey with her young ones, and some deer (elk?).

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