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Visit the Badlands
Pictures and Information

When our relatives arrived in Tripp, SD to visit us, we suggested we drive to the Black Hills to see all the cool attractions.On the way there, we stopped at the 1880's Town, Wall Drug, and then the Badlands. So, I finally have some pictures of the Badlands!

The fee to get into the Badlands was $15.00 and good for 7 days.

Badlands scenic viewpoint

On our last trip to the Badlands, we were thinking we could see the Badlands from the Badlands Wilderness Campground, which wasn't true at all, and we were so disappointed.

Badlands striped peaks

The nice thing about this trip, was that there was a huge storm rolling through, and it gave us a nice contrasty backdrop for the views.

Scenic Badlands viewpoint

In September 2012, went through the Badlands again on the way back home from Spearfish Canyon. This time we tried a new photography technique called "timelapse" with a slider camera, and made a short movie. Check it out here: Highlights of our Badlands trip

Badlands Scenic Pictures

-our first stop at a viewpoint... first viewpoint looking south
-first viewpoint looking east... view looking east... another view east
-our next stop at viewpoint 2... viewpoint 2... a pic of the other tourists there... Debbie and Bob
-as we drove along the peaks got better... Badlands peaks
-view of the Badlands plains looking south... Badlands plains... another view of the plains
-Each Viewpoint had a info board... Ancient Hunters info board
-Viewpoint 3... viewpoint 3 looking southeast... a closer view... me and my sister
-Viewpoint 3... Badlands storm coming... another view looking southeast
-Quick snapshot of the storm from the car... Badlands storm... Badlands storm view south
-the BIG BAD BADLANDS... great view!
-Yipes! Stripes!.... awesome pic of Badlands peaks.... more stripes in the peaks
-parking lot view of the peaks looking west... Badlands peaks... more peaks from the parking lot... closeup view of peaks
-peaks looking southwest... southwest view... bye bye storm view south
-last picture... Badlands sculpted peak

Be sure to visit the other page for our Badlands Camping trip for more information and pictures of the buffalo!

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Photography © Vlad and Carol in Tripp, SD
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