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Fort Randall Chapel and Dam
Pictures and Information

Fort Randall Dam and Chapel was one of the first places we visited when we moved to Tripp SD.

Fort Randall Dam sign

We just made it to the dam by sunset, and then went on to see the Fort Randall Chapel.

Fort Randall Chapel

Then after seeing the Fort Randall Chapel, we drove to the Fort Randall Casino and ate a delicious dinner buffet.

Fort Randall Casino

Fort Randall, Dam, and Chapel

-the spillway, lakeside use sign... spillway, lakeside use sign
-Missouri River, Lake Francis Case sign, dam in distance... Missouri River, Lake Francis Case sign
-First view of Francis Case Lake... first view
-Fort Randall Dam and Resevoir sign, located on dam.... plaque
-the spillway... the spillway... see another picture
-just in time for the sunset.... lake sunset view
-Historic Fort Randall sign... Historic Fort Randall sign
-Fort Randall Chapel Information sign... information sign... read a larger view
-No trespassing, US Government Property... no trespassing
-window near the roof... window near the roof... backdoor and window... view inside... outside
-south side of chapel... fence and dandelions
-the plat (layout) of Fort Randall sign... plat (layout) of Fort Randall sign
-about Fort Randall Chapel sign... about Fort Randall Chapel sign
-Explore Fort Randall sign... explore Fort Randall sign... walk to the fort area
-Storyboards... Study the Past... Four Faces of the Fort... Fort Randall Established... Fort Randall Cantonment
-View of the chapel from the fort... view of chapel... chapel bell

More Pictures

-Vacation Haven RV Park... Vacation Haven RV Park
-Fort Randall Casino sign... Fort Randall Casino sign
-Abby's Cafe and gas station at sunset... Abby's Cafe and gas station

Watch our walk-around of the Ft Randall Chapel


Also see Wagner, SD which is a town close by.

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