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Moving to Tripp, South Dakota
Things You Should Know

Page updated July 22, 2015. Are you thinking of moving to Southern South Dakota? We recently moved to Tripp, South Dakota, and unfortunately there wasn't a "Welcome Wagon" to help us get acquainted with the area. We moved to North Henry Street, and this page of pictures and information should help you if you are moving to Tripp or anywhere close by.

Almost everything you need in Tripp is located downtown on Main Street and is pretty much walking distance from anywhere in town.

One thing we have learned about Tripp is that everyone waves to you, which of course, you must wave back. If you do not wave back they will think you are a stranger in town.

The Tripp Water

When I went and asked the Water Department about the Tripp Water, she explained to me that the water in Tripp is naturally soft, and only the required chemicals are added to it. She said the water in Tripp comes from a well and is filtered. So forget cream rinse, and fabric softener. You even use less soap and detergents. But if you are moving from a location where you had well water, or filtered river water, then you will find that drinking the water will take some getting used to, or you can buy drinking water for 69 cents a gallon at Buche's Grocery.

Houses For Sale in Tripp

If you are thinking of buying a house and moving to Tripp, right now, I've spotted 10 houses for sale in Tripp, and one house for rent. Most selling for around $25,000, but the prices keep going up.
Juffer Real Estate Tripp Listings.. Mitchell Realty Listings...

Things to do when you move:

1. Introduce yourself at the Tripp Post Office... Tripp Post Office
2. Open a Checking/Savings Account at Tripp First State Bank for free.... Tripp First State Bank...
3. Register your vehicles at the court house in Olivet - bring current title and social security number. Minimum cost $54.30 per vehicle
4. Get your driver's license changed in Mitchell - bring 2 picture ID's or 1 picture ID and your birth certificate
5. Call Santel and turn on your phone - dial toll-free 1-888-978-7777
6. Turn on the water/change name at Tripp City Hall for $150.00 ($100 deposit; $50 service fee)... Tripp City Hall
7. Call Northwestern to get the electricity turned on or switched over. 1-800-245-6977

Downtown Businesses:

-Buche's Grocery... Formerly Webers Grocery/Hanks Hardware
-The New and Used shop... The New and Used store
-The Lumberyard... The Lumberyard
-The dentist... dentist office
-Tripp Bar and Grill... Tripp Bar and Grill is closed

Also see the Tripp Business Directory... and a Tripp map

More Useful Information:

-Information on the water/trash disposal system/location of the rubble site... hours open
-Opening time and closing time of the Tripp pool/info on Tripp Lake... Tripp pool... Tripp Lake
-Information on the school system... the school... medical clinic... old library (moved to new school)... fire department
-Churches... First American Lutheran... Emmaneus Lutheran... Friedeus Reformed... Holy Rosary Catholic Church.
-An Old Church front, and back of church... across the street is a Methodist Church

Where and How to:

-Turn on the Electric... Northwestern Electric
-Turn on the phone/DSL/Cable... Santel
-Get oil for the furnace... Tripp Oil
-Turn on the water... Tripp City Hall
-Propane service... Terry's Propane... 935-7130 or 928-7212
-Local farms that sell eggs, fresh produce... Hutterite Colonies
-Change the car registration... Olivet Court House
-Change your driver's license... Mitchell DMV
-Where to get insurance... Wenzel Insurance in Parkston
-Information on Dakota Care

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