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Enjoy a Weekday Getaway

How many people go on a Weekday Getaway? Most people seem to always book up the campgrounds and motels on the weekends, and it is hard to find a spot especially if you are wanting to get a cabin.

For instance, this past week, the hubby and I decided to just take off a couple of days. We had been wanting to go and stay at Snake Creek Campground ever since we passed it on the way to Mount Rushmore. We knew that if we waited till the weekend that all the spaces would be reserved.

Even though Labor Day is over, we suspected that a lot of people would take their vacation that week. Sure enough, when we pulled into the Snake Creek Recreation Area, the ranger said everything, especially the cabins, are booked for the weekend.

This is the first time we have ever stayed in a cabin in a campground, and I must say we really enjoyed it. The cabins are quiet, cozy, and rather romantic.

Our weekday getaway cabin

I know most people with their 9 to 5 workweek schedule can only have time to getaway on weekends, but if you can arrange a weekday getaway, I think you'll enjoy your camping experience much more.

It's a lot different than on the crowded weekends. No more wondering whether there is a line or hot water at the showers. The rest rooms stay cleaner, and and the whole campground is quiet because you are practically the only ones there.

Empty campground

Generally to stay in any campground Monday through Thursday, you don't need reservations either.

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