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Pictures and Information

On this page is information and pictures of Tripp, South Dakota. Tripp is a small town with a population of about 804 according to their sign, but our neighbors say it's about 600.

This "Welcome to Tripp" sign below, is located on the north end of Tripp on Hwy. 18. Since we recently moved to Tripp, we hope the information and pictures will help you get around this small community.

Welcome to Tripp SD sign

Downtown Tripp is about 3 blocks long, and there seems to be one of everything to take care of basic needs.

See all the traffic on Main Street? What? Haha, there isn't any traffic.

Tripp downtown view

The Tripp Campground

There aren't any hotels or motels in Tripp, but they do have a four or five spot campground for parking an RV. The cost of camping is $5.00, which you deposit in a box, and the campground is located on the north end of Tripp Main Street, near the swimming pool in a scenic park. see map. You also have a great sunset view from the campground, and there is a picnic area. The Veteran's Memorial is nearby, and also the Tripp Fairgrounds.

How was July 4th?

Ever since the fireworks went on sale a week before July 4th, we heard fireworks every night. On July 4th were the biggest and the best though, and it's not like they shoot them all off at once either. One thing I could mention here, is about the thunderstorms we have here. They are really different, they are more like lightning storms and very intense. Why are they so intense? Southern South Dakota is located on what is called "the dry line." And when we have a cool front coming from the northwest that runs into a warm front coming from the south, botta bing! When the clouds run into each other, there is a top layer and a lower layer. The lightning strikes inbetween the layers, and never reaches the ground that I could tell. A regular "light show" that you wouldn't believe. So, who needs fireworks?

See the event timeline for the "Days of '86" Tripp, SD 125th Anniversary celebration. It was held July 1, July 2nd, and July 3rd of 2011. It was fun! Hope you came!

Things To Do

Tripp Octoberfest

The Tripp Octoberfest is coming up!
Click here for a view of the 2012 Octoberfest flyer

Tripp Fairgrounds
There have been several events at the Tripp Fairgrounds, since we moved here. The most popular event was the Fireman's Ball during the summer. Everyone had a great time, and we could hear the live band clearly from our house. Sometimes they have auctions there, and also Little League games, and the football games. See more events below.

Idle Hour Theater is now Closed
Tripp City Hall

Tripp Swimming Pool
The Tripp Swimming Pool is open everyday from 1pm to 5pm, then again from, 7pm to 9pm(except Saturdays) The cost to get in is $5.00 per adult, $3.00 for children, but this charge may have gone up recently.

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Also see the Tripp Business Directory

A Request for Winter Pictures of Tripp

We received an email requesting some winter pictures of Tripp, it's December 12th and we missed all that icy weather that hit the midwest. Dec 2nd we got 1 inch of sleet that froze, then a couple of days later we got an 1 inch of snow. So we haven't been bombarded yet. Everyone has terriffic Christmas Decorations up, and we enjoy driving around at night checking them all out.

-here's what Tripp downtown looks like today... Tripp downtown... christmas bells
-another picture of the water tower... Tripp water tower
-a picture of N. Henry St looking south... North Henry St looking south
-the Tripp grainery has been running 24/7since Sept, and recently stopped... Tripp grainery
-Gall's Auto repair...Galls auto repair
-a house with a Christmas scene in front... christmas scene
-they just finished a cellphone tower by the railroad tracks... cellphone tower. (apparently it's Verizon's, we got a postcard in the mail)
-winter farm... winter farm... railroad tracks
-a view east of Tripp... view east... snow on unmaintained roads... no snow on the highway
-a windmill and snow drifts on road... animal tracks in the snow... more tracks, bobcat?

Armour got about 4 inches of snow, and so did Tyndall. Tripp got 4 inches snow on Christmas Day! One inch on New Years Day, 1 inch Jan 27th, and 2 inches Feb. 4th. 4 inches March 17th (that melted in 2 days)

Spring in Tripp

-The Canadian geese started flying through heading north on March 10th, and there is a lot of them. Pretty cool. It's a good sign Spring is on the way.
-Some "finches" showed up, Mar 24, but 4 days later we got some icy mix, and no more nice days for the rest of the week. It was cold on Easter.

Summer Pictures of Tripp

-Larger picture of the downtown view... Main Street
-North of the Tripp Fairgrounds, there is a free shooting range... another view of the shooting range
-Leaving Tripp toward the south to Hwy. 37, you are presented with this scenic view, Tripp cemetery IS on the left
-Tripp has two gas stations... the Prairie Pumper and a Cenex gas station
-Tripp has one grocery store that always has bargains going on, that is also a hardware store... Webers Grocery, Hanks Hardware
-There is a New and Used store, that also sells flower bouquets, and has a greenhouse for plants
-Tripp has one bank called the First State Bank.
-The fire department is also located on Main Street... Tripp Fire Department
-City Hall is where you get the water turned on, upstairs at the Finance Office... Tripp City Hall
-A real nice playground is located behind the Tripp Swimming Pool... Tripp playground
-There is also something on the back of the Veterans Memorial, but I will have to go get a better picture.
-Wagon Wheels along a driveway... wagon wheels along a driveway
-Tripp Lake, yes Tripp has it's own lake... but you need to follow a dirt road to Tripp Lake There are also cows nearby.
-Tripp American Legion, Post 142 Jelkin-Harms... meets every 3rd Monday... Tripp American Legion
-The surrounding farmland is gold and green fields
-Tripp is also the Home for the Wildcats... State Champions... Tripp-Delmont Highschool.
-Our house, we rebuilt the stairs in less than a week

Houses for Sale

Juffer Real Estate Tripp Listings.. Mitchell Realty Listings... Maxwell and Bowar Realty

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