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Ethan, SD
Pictures and Information

Ethan, SD is located one mile east of Highway 37, about 20 miles north of Tripp SD and 10 miles north of Parkston SD. Ethan has a population of 330.

Main Street in Ethan

We travel to Ethan every Thursday because the small restaurant downtown, called "The Cook's Inn," has an Indian Taco Special for $4.00 starting at about 5:30 pm till 9 pm, and it sure is good. It is worth the trip. An Indian Taco is Indian Fry Bread with the taco ingredients on top. Yum Yum. We had never heard of Indian Tacos until we moved to South Dakota.

View of the sunset

When we left the restaurant, we were just in time for a beautiful fall sunset.

More Pictures of Ethan

-The first thing you pass on the way is a park with a sign for the veterans, "For All Those Who Served, Post 261"
-Then you pass the Ethan water tower... water tower... see another picture
-If you turn at the water tower, next the you'll see is the Ethan Highschool.. another picture
-Keep going straight, and the Ethan Fire Department will be on the left.
-The Cook's Inn Restaurant is across the street from the fire department
-It's easy to find a place to park... parking
-Go into the Cook's Inn and order an Indian Taco, you'll also meet lots of friendly folks.
-This day that we went, there was a beautiful sunset

Here's some of the downtown buildings

-The Ethan Post Office 57334... Ethan Post Office
-The Maxwell-Bowar Agency does insurance, real estate, and financial services
-Small Town Country Show is an antique store... the outside star decor is pretty cool
-Chubby's Bar... Chubby's Bar... another view of Chubby's
-This building doesn't look like it is in use, there is a faded belly dancer mural on the side
-This building with the blue trim is next to the Cook's Inn, but it's use is unknown.

Ethan Events

Martha's Crafts & Wildman Metals - Christmas Small Town Country Show - November 28 to Dec. 9th 110 E. Main Street, Crafts, antiques, and so much more. Baked goods, jellies, and pickles by Sue Bannworth, Artwork by Nicole Heitzman. Call 605-227-4550

Comments about Ethan

March 27, 2008 from Amy Moe
We were doing some research on Tripp and found your site. We live in Ethan, and so I looked at that page as well. I just wanted to give you some info in case you were curious. The building with the blue trim next to Cook's Inn used to be a grocery store many years ago, and now someone lives there. The building with the belly dancers on the side used to be a bar/saloon, called The Blue Oasis. Your site(s) are very nice and the pictures are beautiful. I love that you took a picture of your Indian taco at the Cook's Inn! Thanks so much!

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