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Francis Case Lake
Snake Creek Scenic Campground

If you travel west on Highway 18, you are in for a scenic surprise when you come to Francis Case Lake.

Get your camera ready, and pull into the scenic overlook and start snapping away. You just won't believe how beautiful it is. There is an information board there called Shannon Shows Up.

View of Francis Case Lake

Continuing down the road you'll find a wonderful campground.The campground is by a bridge, and the campground is called, "Snake Creek Campground."

Snake Creek Campground

We pulled into the campground to take a peek and get a brochure. See their brochure front and brochure back. It is just beautiful, and so clean. The park ranger that came out to the car, said electrical sites are $14.00 a night, and nonelectrical tent sites are $10.00. The cabins are only $32.00 a night cabins. Campground fees sign

Snake Creek Beach View

They have a nice beach there too, but no lifeguards. I think we will stay at Snake Creek Campground on the way back from the Black Hills.
Update: Read about our recent weekday getaway!

More Pictures of Snake Creek Campground

-See a campsite with a beach view.
-Vlad pumps water from the hand water pump... pumping water
-Cabins 1 and 2 are right next to each other... cabins 1 and 2... walkway to cabin 1... full front view
-the key for the cabin is huge... cabin 1 key
-view of lake from cabin 1... view toward lake... a view toward the bridge
-views inside the cabin... deck view... beds inside the cabin... the table... the cabin rules
-Another picture of cabin 2... cabin 2... cabin 2 walkway... full front view of cabin 2
-cabin 3 has a larger deck with 2 chairs... cabin 3... front of cabin 3
-cabin 4 is around the corner... cabin 4
-you need a park entrance license too, it was $5.00... park entrance license
-the cabins are air conditioned and have heaters... air conditioned cabin

-The Missouri River-Francis Case Lake sign... Missouri River-Francis Case Lake sign
-Crossing over the bridge...crossing over the bridge
-View of the bridge from the campground... view of the bridge
-View of hills on the other side of the bridge... other side of the bridge

Continue the roadtrip to the Black Hills or visit the next town called Winner SD

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Photography © Vlad and Carol in Tripp, SD
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